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The URECO cementitious polyurethane high build systems are fast curing and with the exception of the V and FL, are self-priming.

The ‘Like-on-Like’ technology used for these products means that they are all able to expand and contract with the concrete which results in a superior bond strength and adhesion strength to the concrete substrate underneath.  With the added benefit of having excellent impact and thermal shock resistance as well as chemical resistance, the Ureco high build systems will ensure that your floors are long lasting. 

All Ureco cementitious polyurethane high build products do not require ventilation during installation as they are odorless and non-toxic.   


Vertical Cove Base and Walls

  • Heavy-duty, 3 component system

  • Easy application with a trowel for floor or walls

  • Creates a seamless finish between floor and vertical surface for easy and effective cleaning

  • Minimize collection of water, dust, microbial growth at floor-wall joints to ensure hygienic floor surface and employee safety

Ureco V


Polyurethane Grout System

  • High-strength grout system

  • Ideal for creating slopes and leveling floors

  • Correct substrate imperfections and repair deep holes

  • Has minimal shrinkage and can be applied at low temperatures

Ureco FL


Heavy Duty Trowel Grade 1/4-3/8 inch thickness

  • Long lasting system that can be applied to very high build

  • High resistance to pressure and steam cleaning

  • High resistance to chemical corrosion and thermal shock

  • Ideal for severe to extreme environment

       (Cold-blast areas,  industrial areas with heavy equipment traffic,

       chemical-in-process areas)

Ureco EG


Self-Leveling  1/8-1/4 inch thickness

  • General-purpose high build system

  • Extremely thermal shock resistant

  • Ideal for medium to severe environment

       (Food processing plants for meats and dairy products)

  • Application on new concrete between 7-10 days

Ureco STS
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