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URECO epoxies and novolac are 2-components 100% solids. All products have been formulated to deliver low viscosity, self-priming, that are solvent-free.
These high-gloss products offer a smooth and seamless surface and are easy to clean.  They offer good resistance to chemicals and resist bacterial and fungal growth.  Epoxy coating are ideal solutions for use in places such as in commercial, industrial, institutional or residential settings.. 


100% solids Epoxy Coating

  • Provide a seamless surface

  • Available in clear or in various colours

  • Ideal for use in commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, automotive/aeronautic service bays, hospitals, residential garages, parking garages and showroom

  • Customizable anti-slip textures

Ureco GTC


100% solids Orange Peel Epoxy Coating

  • Orange-peel texture finish surface

  • Creates a anti slip effect 

  • Easy to clean 

  • Available in various colours

Ureco GTC-OP


100% solids Novolac Coating

  • Novolac epoxy coating system

  • Extreme chemicals resistance

  • Minimal distortion with intermittent exposure to high temperature

  • Ideal for use in CIP (Chemical-in-process) rooms, food processing/manufacturing facilities, warehouses, sanitization/wash areas, laboratories and boiler rooms plants 

Ureco NTC


100% solids Antislip Novolac Coating

  • Orange-peel texture finish surface

  • Creates a anti slip effect 

  • Extreme chemical resistance

  • Available in various colours

Ureco NTC-OP
Ureco Decorative Flakes

URECO® - Decorative Flakes

  • Small, coloured chips added to URECO Epoxy coating systems for decorative colour

  • Crates a anti slip effect

  • Variety of colour mixes available

Ureco Flakes
Ureco Epoxy

URECO® Epoxy Color pack

Epoxy pigment

  • Pre-mesured pigments option can be added to URECO Epoxy coating systems

  • Available in variety of colours

  • Safety colors available to create safety line markings that a company needs to ensure both safety and efficiency

  • Ideal for small projects

Ureco Pigment
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