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In recent years, Metallic Epoxy has gained popularity for use in commercial as well as residential areas for the unique finish.
Ureco Metallic Epoxy reflect light at various angles to give a dynamic, fluid-like, three-dimensional appearance to floors.  As in all epoxy coatings, it is durable, glossy and seamless.  It can be customized into various colours. 
Due to the dramatic effect created by the metallic pigments and special application technique, Metallic Epoxy makes beautiful floors for areas such as office waiting or reception areas, show rooms, restaurants, lobbies and galleries.

URECO® METALLIC 100% Epoxy Coating

  • High-gloss finish

  • Available in a variety of rich, multi-dimensional colour hues

  • Highly customizable for unique, artistic effects

  • Several Metallic colors available 

Ureco Metallic
Silver gray.jpg
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